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XHamster is one of the oldest and most well known porn tubes in the world. It is really a great site! The thing we love about XHamster is that it is community made and sustained. It is not inundated with studio sponsored videos and instead focuses more on amateur content uploaded by its community. The videos are of nice quality many in HD and can be downloaded for free. We all love the funny hamster face we have come to know. XHamster is an icon for amateur porn videos and always will be. We highly recommend this site and it has very few ads too!

8.5 Total Score
XHamster is a classic mainstay in the porn tube community and is better than ever

What is not to love about XHamster? Not much, this site is just amazing. With an emphasis on Amatuer videos and a library that is community driven and sustained this is the tube we dream of.

  • Community built and sustained
  • Emphasis on amateur content
  • Minimal ads
  • Downloadable videos
  • None
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