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When you first get to TeenFucktory you notice a pretty, well designed, clean tube. This tube focuses on teens porn videos and does a good job of it too. The video pages are laid out well with very large video player content area. The thumbnail grids are large and pop which is great to look at. So that is the good now let’s get down to the bad. While the design and layout is great on desktop computers, the mobile version of the site leaves a lot to be desired. The video posts pages are deceiving in a very evil way.

Each video page has above the fold where the video would usually be a banner ad with a play button in the center. This is ridiculous and really grinds my gears. Making money is essential to maintaining a good site but as we know here at PornRanx we frown on overly greedy practices which can hurt the user friendly experience. In addition to that annoying trick ad, the site also has a horrible popunder that takes over your entire browser and makes loud annoying beeping sounds. These popunders are the worst and have no place on a reputable site.

  • Great design on desktop machines
  • Pretty appearance and good use of colors
  • nice large video player

  • Use of tricky bait and switch adverts on video pages
  • Intrusive popunder that takes over entire browser and makes beeping noise

2 Total Score
Another great tube brought down by greedy practices

TeenFucktory is a great tube with awesome content and a pretty design. unfortunately we have a greedy webmaster who likes to trick his visitors with phony video player ads on mobile devices. Also either he does not monitor his own popunders or he just does not care that he has the worst popunder in history on his site which takes over your entire browser. Care about your users. When I am jacking off I do not want to be bombarded with a popunder that forces me to click close buttons 20 times before I can return to browsing videos. We have to give low scores for this kind of thing, get rid of it and we will re-score.

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