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PornDig is unique as it is the only giant porn tube I have ever seen that has NO ADVERTISEMENTS AT ALL. I was so skeptical that I spent a large amount of time trying to find an ad because surely they must be hiding it trying to sneak it up on you somewhere, but NOPE! So now that we have established that there are no ads let’s get on to the rest! This tube is amazing, it has tons and tons of categories like full hd, big boobs, milf, mature, massage, old man young girl, lesbian, arab, hentai and much more. It has a very unique and awesome feature where simply clicking a bubble will show you exclusively amateur porn or professional porn. That is indeed a huge deal. I do not know who is behind this site or how they are making money but I just want to thank them.

10 Total Score
PornDig is Finally a mega tube with no ads at all and unique features

PornDig is indeed amazing. We love everything about it. Why even bother with PornHub when this exists? There no ads, NONE. It has unique sorting feature to watch only amateur or only professional. The video player is massive(because room is not needed for ads).

  • NO ADS
  • Unique filter for only amateur or only professional
  • Fast
  • User friendly
  • Tons of categories
  • NONE
User Rating: 3.5 (6 votes)

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  1. Who can topple PornDig?

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