2.4 Total Score

Site Url: Longporn.com


LongPorn has a nice and somewhat unique concept when it comes to large free porn video tubes. It concentrates on long videos and leaves out all the short vids. At first glance this tube appears to be very good but then you get down to it and realise there is much to be fixed here. While this concept is great and I applaud them for originality they have some design issues which need to be worked out for this tube to really shine.

First of all this tube is not responsive on mobile devices which requires you to zoom way in to see anything. Also there is a major issue with the sizing of the video content area. The video embeds are tiny compared to other sites and this is annoying especially on larger monitors. This site has also decided to not use it’s own video player to contain the embeds from the major tubes which can cause issues for people playing the videos on mobile devices. I will applaud LongTubes decision to leave out popunders. Popunders are very tempting for webmasters but they resisted and kudo’s to them for that one.

  • Nice concept
  • Unique approach to selecting videos for length
  • Little to no use of popunders

  • Website is not responsive on mobile devices
  • Video content area is too small
  • No custom video player to contain embeds

2.4 Total Score
LongPorn is great but it is dragged down by poor design

LongPorn has a great concept but bad site design. this webmaster must change his theme or template to meet the higher standards of modern times. Choose a template with larger video content are and one that is fully responsive on mobile devices. I think with just a fresh design this could be one of the greats.

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