2.7 Total Score

Site Url: boasts in it’s header that it is the “best sex tube!”. Well let us and our users be the judge of that one! When arriving at AnySex we find a very large wall of thumbnails from a rich array of niches right there at your fingertips. The tube features many categories and you can even filter results by a performer’s name. We see as far as banner ad’s go they are all in the standard places which we appreciate. The conservative use of banners allows the website to shine. The site appears to be very mobile friendly and fully responsive which is a

good plus. The site has an alarming amount of annoying popunders. many of these popunders are not even relevant to porn at all. I got one popunder that was about real estate. Do I really want to think about buying a house while I am holding my hard throbbing cock? i don’t think so. So many websites are tempted to bombard their visitors with popunders because they get paid just to make you look at it. One popunder that is cookie or ip tracked per a 24 hour period is acceptable but 3 or more is just plain greedy. This provides a sour user experience.

  • Huge selection of niches and categories
  • Very nice on mobile devices
  • Banner ads are used conservatively

  • Too many popunders
  • Ads and popunders not relevant to porn

2.7 Total Score
AnySex is a rich jam packed tube that is filled with too many popunders

This tube is great in many ways but it is ruined at times by annoying popunders some of which are not even relevant to porn. Also there is an annoying in video player ad whenever you pause the video. I understand webmasters need to make money I am one of those webmasters but there is class and benefit in moderation. User friendly experiences should be the number one priority of any webmaster even over making an extra 20 or 50 bucks a week.

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